I will miss many runs, can I get a discount?2015-11-08T16:31:14-08:00

Many of our runners miss runs for work, vacation or otherwise. Some are not able to make any of the Tuesday night runs, for instance. The club includes much more than two group runs a week. You can learn about them here.  Also, there is no way we can track who attends what runs and base pricing on that. Therefore, there are no reduced entry prices/registrations for such circumstances.

If I sign up online today will I have access to the running clubs schedule?2015-09-28T13:16:03-07:00

Yes, once you officially sign up, you will get access to the schedule, training materials, etc.  These will be prepared and sent to you separately. NOTE: This is done manually and new registrations are processed every few days and not until we near our starting date. Therefore, it may be a few days after you sign up before you recieve further information and access to the Members Section of the website.

How can I go about signing up for this?2015-09-28T13:15:25-07:00

You can visit www.govavi.com/running and signup online.  There is also a form you can print, mail/fax if you don’t want to do it online.


Can I join up for a later program?2015-09-28T13:14:48-07:00

Of Course, keep in mind we only do 2 seasons per year, one for Carlsbad Marathon (Jan) that starts in September and one for the Rock-n-Roll (June) that starts in late January. If you want to get a head start on RnR, joining the fall/winter group is a great way to get a full 32 weeks of training in.  You can do the 1/2 marathon in January and continue training for the Full marathon in June.

I am interested in signing up for the running club, but will be out of town this Saturday. Can I still join?2016-02-01T09:08:56-08:00

OF COURSE!  We allow sign-ups well into the season.  (Since there is no “team” that we have to have minimum players, etc. The nature of our club allows it)  We’ve had runners join up in weeks 2, 3 and even 5.  I wouldn’t recommend waiting too long, unless you’re a runner in decent shape already, but it can be done 🙂

This allows you to join up, see really how FUN it is, then spread the word to all of your friends, coworkers, classmates, etc. and let them join next week.

Can I check you guys out before signing up?2015-09-28T13:13:39-07:00

Of course, we welcome it.  The running club is a big investment (like everything is with big goals 🙂 We would love to have you come out for 1 or 2 sessions (the first week) to test drive the club.  We do ask that you limit your “free” attendance to the first 2 sessions.  See more info below on our first week!  If we’ve already started, Contact Me if you want to join us for a run or two before signing up.

You will be added to a special email list to be notified of the runs. We do cut off entries at the end of the 2nd week and we will discard the email list and restrict membership to those who have joined.

Do you have a half marathon training program in the Spring/Summer?2015-09-28T13:13:05-07:00

Yes!  Starting in 2009, we’ve added a 13 week Half Marathon training program strictly for the La Jolla Half Marathon.

NOTE: Because the The LJ Half Marathon Training Program is piggybacked on the Full Marathon program, it is designed for runners that have some running experience.  Those with NO running experience should review their experience and current fitness levels before joining.  This is different than the Winter Carlsbad Half Marathon program.

Also, many runners train with us until June, and then continue the training to the popular for the very popular America’s Finest City Half. http://www.afchalf.com/

What’s the new Winter Half Marathon Format?2015-09-28T13:12:37-07:00

In 2008, after alot of feedback from the runners and the coaches, we changed the format for the Carlsbad (Winter) Season. We shortened the season a bit (and reduced the price a bit too 🙂 and streamlined it to fit our overall program.  It trains ONLY for the Half Marathon.

  • No more 22 mile long runs on New Years Eve morning (that happened 2 yrs ago)  They now may be about 11-13.
  • Is much more compatible with the holidays.
  • Offers a better, more gradual Full marathon program (essentially a 32 week training session from October to June)
  • Transition from Carlsbad to Rock n Roll is smoother (not going from 22 mile long runs to 7 mile re-start long runs.
What is this Dual Season thing all about?2015-09-28T13:11:44-07:00

Essentially, you get both seasons back to back.  You sign up in the fall, and are a member of the club all the way through to Summer for the Rock N Roll marathon – and it’s done at a reduced rate, so you save money compared to signing up for two single seasons. We put together the dual season training program for two reasons:

  1.  Over the course of 7 past seasons, we learned that many runners would have liked to see a more gradual training program to a Full Marathon.  (Many programs are indeed the typical 18 weeks, like ours) But we wanted to offer an additional program.
  2. We have alot of runners that keep coming back season after season.  This is an opportunity for them to do so, and save a little money too.
Does the fee include entry into the race(s)?2015-09-28T13:11:09-07:00

No. The fees are for the Training Program & Membership Into the Club. Occassionaly, we’ll receive discounts or similar benefits to the races.

What Type of Surfaces do you Run?2015-09-28T13:10:23-07:00

All of our runs are in safe areas that can accommodate groups.  We run on streets (asphalt) about 30%, sidewalks/boardwalks (concrete) about 50% and an occasional trail run about 20%.

Do you run in North County?2016-02-01T09:18:32-08:00

If you’re in the club, you should participate in ALL the runs regardless of location (though not required.)  We will have some runs in N. County too, especially in the fall/winter seasons since we’re training for the Carlsbad Marathon.  We do many runs on the actual course.

Where do you run at?2015-09-28T13:09:27-07:00

There are two components to selecting run locations:

  • Where do we all live/work?
  • Availability of locations (to be able to accommodate 100, 150 or more runners.)  Ya just can’t show up to your local park with 150 runners.

The majority of our runs are held in central/coastal San Diego; Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, La Jolla, Downtown/Pt. Loma.  We do venture north some to Solana Beach, Del Mar and Encinitas. We do a run or two in Carlsbad too, in prep for the Carlsbad full/half marathons.

In summary, our Saturday Long runs, we run in various areas of San Diego, with a majority of our group runs originating in the following locations:

  • Mission Bay
  • Downtown / Airport Area
  • Beaches (Mission, Ocean, La Jolla)
  • North County (Solana Beach, Encinitas)

We do NOT do any runs in the South Bay, or far out East (La Mesa and beyond)

Can I bring a Stroller (or a Dog;) to the Runs?2015-09-28T13:08:56-07:00

We always have a few “parents” and runners with children and babies who run with strollers. We have no restrictions against strollers (or pets, as long as they don’t bite 😉 Do keep in mind, however, that there will be large groups of runners around so it may not be possible to run right alongside with your 8 new running buddies. Also, not every training run course has dedicated pathways. For instance, the Carlsbad Coast Run goes right along the Coast Highway and we at times “share” the bike path – it can get a bit hairy, and may not be the best scenario for a Mom and her stroller. All of this applies to Pets too.

Would part of the training have a nutrition component?2015-09-28T13:08:02-07:00

Yes, we have a Nutrition component of the training.  It’s broken up into 3 sessions.  See the overview page or the presentation for a breakdown of clinics.

What if my fitness level is not equivalent to others in the group?2016-02-01T09:18:50-08:00

Great chances are, there will be other runners in your fitness level. We have totally first time, run/walker beginners join all the way through to seasoned marathoners. My advice, come check us out this Saturday and meet your fellow runners 🙂

Is it OK to miss some sessions and do the training workouts on my own?2016-02-01T09:14:41-08:00

OF COURSE! (Don’t forget that 2 of the 4 runs per week ARE on your own already) We all miss sessions here and there. If you’re going to miss a big chunk of training, we will help you work up a plan to accommodate. If cannot make the Tuesday runs, for instance, we will help you evaluate your schedule/plan to adjust.

Keep in mind, that most of us can miss up to 2 weeks of training before it affects us to the point of changing things up. Of course, everyone is different, and circumstances can affect this. (I.e. you don’t want to complete miss out on the last 2 weeks before race day.)

If you’re going to be out of town, one good thing about running is that you can pack your shoes and gear into your suitcase. If you can bring a hair dryer, you can bring a pair of running shoes. 🙂

NOTE: We do not offer any discounts, refunds or prorations for missing runs.

Program Format – Do I really have to do a 20 mile run 4 days a week?2016-12-22T04:33:58-08:00

Nooooo. The training program follows the same as many other programs out there. The general format of the program is to do three (3) “mid week runs” of 5-7 miles (intermediate-advanced) each and then one (1) “long run” every Saturday. The long runs progress each week, starting at 5-6 miles early on and working our way up to “the” long run of 20-22 miles when we peak. We then spend a few weeks “tapering” as we near the race.

We also maintain a “core base” building phase during the first 6-8 weeks, then move into specialty runs such as Tempo, Speed and Hill workouts during the 2nd portion of the schedule. These “specialty” runs are done on Tuesday nights, while we maintain base runs during our Long saturdays.

I haven’t been seriously running in quite some time. Do you think that’s an attainable goal?2016-02-01T09:19:19-08:00

Yes, of course.  The program is designed, like many other marathon training programs to take any walker or runner and attain the full 26.1 miles after 18 weeks.

A few years ago, we added the DUAL SEASON training program where you can join the fall/winter season, do the 1/2 marathon in January, then continue with the spring/summer season and finish with the Full RnR in June 🙂

Are there any Pre-Requisites to joining?2015-09-28T13:04:49-07:00

Yes, there are and we have a page dedicated to what is required to join.

What if I cannot Make Saturday Runs?2015-09-28T13:04:17-07:00

It’s hard to say whether it will be worth it for you (everyone is different) By missing the Saturday runs, you will miss on our long runs (with dozens of other runners like you, support from the coaches, aide/drink support on longer runs, etc.) We also have many of our informational clinics on Saturdays (though much of it is emailed out afterwards), along with social potlucks, etc. The Saturday runs are considered the most important by many for those reasons.

At the same time, everything you need to train and follow a great program will be available to you via email and weekly newsletters, access to the coaches via email & phone call, access to our private facebook group(s) for the club, etc.

If you can get your long runs done on your own say on Sundays, and don’t mind missing the interaction with others on Saturdays, then we say go for it!!

I have class on Tuesdays and will not be able to make the first couple of Saturday runs. How will this effect my training?2015-09-28T13:03:18-07:00

The training is based on 4 runs per week, 2 with the group, and 2 on your own.  Even if you can’t run with the group, you should still try to run on your own.  Many runners have to miss some training, and that’s totally okay.  I can help you re-arrange your running schedule to make it fit yours.  For instance, you can do your first few long runs on Sundays, and join up with us after your Saturday commitments end.

Will you tell us how far to run on our ‘off’ days?2016-12-22T04:33:58-08:00

Of course!  Every single run of the week and of the season will be laid out for you in the training schedule.  This includes your personal training days when the group does not meet.

Can I see the Run Schedule?2015-09-28T13:02:13-07:00

Yes, when you join the team 😉  But, you can also come to the orientation to see a sneak peak preview of the training schedule.  Seriously, we customize each season’s training schedule to the VAVi running program.  It would not be fair to make it available to the general public.

What time do we meet for the group runs?2015-09-28T13:01:40-07:00
  • Tuesday’s at 6:00pm
  • Saturday’s at 7:30am
What will be the schedule for the marathon group?2015-09-28T13:00:56-07:00

As you can see in the presentation or overview, the training plan calls for running 4x per week.  Some do it in 3, but I don’t recommend it.  We will formally meet 2x per week on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings.  The other 2 runs per week are on your own (or with small informal groups that sometimes form.)

I won’t be at the Orientation, Can I pick up the materials later on?2015-09-28T13:00:00-07:00

Yes, I will have all of the training materials on hand for the first few weeks. They are also available on the Members section of the website.

Is it possible to have an information packet sent to me? I have a lot of questions about the Running Club.2015-09-28T12:58:04-07:00

Hopefully this page will answer them. Further, check out the orientation page which includes the presentation and overview.

Is there an age limit to your club?2015-09-28T12:57:34-07:00

Of course not, at least at the upper end. However, the Minimum Age is 20 yrs old at the start of the season. Just ensure you read and understand our Pre-Requisites for joining the club.

How many people are in your club?2015-09-28T12:56:16-07:00

We have been growing every season since we started in 2003. Our first season in 2003 had a whopping 34 runners 😉 Last season (RnR2006) we had 141 and RnR 2008 saw nearly 200 . . . wow! It has seen tremendous growth. With this, we continue to add coaching staff, clinics and other great things for you 🙂

UPDATE: 2010 saw over 450+ runners through the entire year.

What else do I get with joining?2015-09-28T12:54:48-07:00

Along with assistance in achieving your goals to run a marathon or half marathon and the chance to meet great friends along the way, we’re visited by professionals around the county to give clinics like free sports massages, nutrition advice, goodie bags. Also, since we’re a big group here in San Diego, alot of the local race sponsors like to give us great deals on race entries and other goodies.

Is it limited to “racing” marathons?2015-09-28T12:53:37-07:00

No, we have many people join just because they love running and the camaraderie and friendships they have made and make. But a majority of the members do have the goal to run (or walk) either a half or full marathon.

What is it?2015-09-28T12:53:05-07:00

The Team VAVi Running Club (TVRC) is an organized running club that trains for half and full marathons in San Diego.  We have two (2) seasons per year: A fall/winter season that starts in September and trains fro the Carlsbad Half or Full marathon in January.  And a Spring/Summer season that starts in February, includes the La Jolla Half Marathon in April and ends with the Rock n Roll Full Marathon in June.