Half Marathon Prep Training Schedule

If you are already joined up in the club, or are seriously considering joining, it’s a great idea to ensure you’re best prepared for the training.  The following 4 week schedule is designed to prepare a runner who is soon starting a beginner or intermediate half or full training program.  This assumes that you’ll be starting a 12-18 week program that runs 3-4x per week with a 5-6 mile long run on the first week and totaling 15-20 miles the first week.  The Key is Konsistency!!


  • Starting at 3 days per week, with optional 4th day of Cross Training.  Ends w/ 4 days per week.
  • Incorporate Intervals (Jog/Walk) if you are unable to run full time.
  • Do NOT run too far, too fast or go out too hard.  It causes burnout (physical and mental) and can lead to injuries.  This is the number one reason new runners do not complete their training.

The more “prep training” you get, the better you will be off. You can adjust this longer if you get more of a head start. Even if you only get 2 weeks ahead, you’re better off than none.

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