We don’t require much to join, but there are some guidelines that you should be able to meet AT THE START of the program.

Everyone, Regardless of Program

  • If applicable, be medically cleared by your doctor as needed. Training for a half or full marathon is rigorous and requires a lot of physical training.
  • Have a fun, outgoing and “can-do” excellent attitude. Any of the “Two-Percenters” can stay home.
  • Be at least 20 yrs old on the first day of training. (There is no upper age limit per say, but see bullet point #1 above)

Beginner Run/Walk Program

The Beginner Run/Walk is designed for runners who have little/no experience with long distance running or for runners who have taken a long break or coming off an injury. Read more about the Beginner Run/Walk Program Training Approach. Learn more here.

  • Be able to briskly walk 2-3 days per week approx 30-40min each session. We will immediately start run/walking 4x per week, for a total of 180 minutes total.
  • Be able to complete a brisk walk of 60 minutes on a single outing. Our first “Long” day will be a run/walk of 60 minutes.

Intermediate Running Program

The intermediate running program is designed for casual or existing runners who are looking for a “middle of the road” approach. You’re not going to kill yourself training 6 days per week, but you want to follow a solid, proven program to get you to your half or full marathon. Learn more here.

  • Be able to run* 2-3 days per week, up to 15 miles total per week.  Though we will immediately start running 4x per week at about 15-20 miles depending on ability
  • Be able to complete 4-6 miles on a single run*  Though our first “Long” run is 5-7 miles depending on ability.

*NOTE: While the program is designed for “runners” it is okay to not fully be there yet.  We do encourage “walk breaks” if need be – especially during the first few weeks of training. You may benefit from following the Run-Walk program either during the whole season, or during a few weeks to come up to speed.

Advanced Running Program

The Advanced Program is designed for runners with a base already set and ready to take their training to a higher level. Learn more here.

  • Be able to run 3-4 days per week, up to 20miles per week. Though we will immediately start running 4-5 days per week and up to 27miles during the first week.
  • Be able to complete a 7-8mi Long run the first week.

It’s assumed that the advanced runner has a good, solid base of 4-6 months leading into the start of our program.

Have a bit of Time Before Starting? Prep Training

If you find yourself with a few weeks or longer before the start of training, you will highly benefit from getting some time on your feet before we start. Download the Prep Training Schedule (PDF 177kb)

Prep Training Schedule