Testimonials & Feedback

We get a ton of great feedback.  (We also appreciate our members criticism’s as well, to allow us to always make our club better – we’ve grown in size for the last 6+ years . . . consistently.)

“Thank you for being a great coach. Both you and Robert were great leaders and consistent in your approach. I really feel like I gained incredible knowledge and methodology for marathon training.”
~C. Kim
“I wanted to say thank you for all your help with the marathon training. I beat my goal of 1:50 in the Carlsbad half! I don’t think I could have done it without the guidance from you and Robert in the VAVi marathon club.”
~Eric S.
“Thank you for this last training session…..very much enjoyed all of the assistance from you and Robert….and loved meeting all of my new friends.”
~Nanci W.
“Hi Blake! I ran with you last year and I just wanted to say that I miss the program. I actually moved to LA. Hopefully when I move back to San Diego in another year and a half, I will run with your group! Thanks for all your help last year and I look forward to joining again one day.”
~Heather D.
“I had a great time and I really appreciate all of the effort you two obviously put into the class.”
“Thanks for all you have done in the VAVI running club. It was great to train with some type of program and discipline.”
~Ben A.