Why Run With A Group


You should first be congratulated for taking on such a task – to start running with the VAVi Running Club! Whether you’re going to train to just get into shape, or run your first full marathon, you will be joined by a large group of others to achieve the same goal! It is with this group, that you will be able to push yourselves harder, achieve your goals, and also have a good time doing it.

Running in Solitude is Tough

Running is not the solitary sport many may think it is.  While training to achieve your own goals, by joining the VAVi Running Club, you will meet other runners with similar goals.  You will find that it won’t take long to find your “small” running partners, who you will likely spend the next few months with training.  In general, running is a great way to meet new friends while your physical, physiological and mental health improves. Some of the most obvious benefits included:

  • Improve Physical Fitness
  • Better Endurance
  • Sleep Better
  • Loose some weight
  • Feel much more “toned”

It’s Not About Just an Occasional Jog

Most people looking to get into running train randomly, not really knowing how hard or easy their training should be. Simply heading out for a run a few times a week, may get you in better shape, but certainly won’t get you in the best shape possible, and this can easily lead to boredom and burn-out.  Optimal endurance fitness and performance comes from planning.  The VAVi Running Club will give you this planning and some of the tools to help you train.